I posted a link a short while back, about a protein discount card, i paid £25 for a VIP card, which allows me unlimited purchases of this amazing deal, all this meat for just £79, its supermarket value is £198 & £203 at two of the cheapest supermarkets i compared with! Bit of a no brainer guys! My last post about meal prep i used 1KG of chicken breast and 2x500g of extra lean mince, which made me 20 meals and thats not even close to the amount of meat you get, this stack will easily last me 2 months, thats £40 a month on high quality meat! Check it out….

Ultimate Super Lean Meat Stack:

• 2kg-2.3kg Chicken Breasts (15-18 breasts)
• 1 x 1kg Boneless & Skinless Chicken Thighs
• 4 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Sirloin Steaks
• 4 x 6-7oz Irish Grass Fed Rump Steaks
• 8 x 6-7oz Hache Steaks
• 2 x Award Winning Corn Fed Chicken 1.3kg
• 2-3 x Dorset Veal Escalope Steaks (220g)
• 1 x 500g Extra Lean British Beef Mince
• 1 x 500g Diced Turkey Pure Breast
• 1 x 400g Diced Lean Great British Beef
• 4 x 100g Prime Pork Loin Steaks
And these for FREE!!
• 1 x 25g Naked Rub (No Sodium Or Sugar) Athlete Seasoning
• 1 x Healthy Online Recipes
• 1 x 30g Sour Cream & Chive Protein Crisps
• 1 x Free Super Chilled Delivery!
• Your Choice Of Delivery Date
• Expertly Cut On Day Of Dispatch

Worth a try guys, check their other offers out at:



And use the hidden code in the 2nd picture to choose one of the following on your first order;

- free loaf of protein bread,
- free thai high protein ready meal,
- 4 free chicken protein crisps
- 4 free chicken breasts

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